Continuing Competency Requirements

Professionals who are self-regulated have a responsibility of competency and safety to the public and must continually engage in professional development and best practice. This is mandatory in order to stay current in knowledge, skill, research and regulatory standards. The public has a right to expect Registered Counselling Therapists will be competent, have current knowledge, and provide service that is client-centred.

Self Assessment and Learning Plan

All registrants are required to complete a self-assessment and develop a learning plan within 60 days of registration or renewal. The self-assessment will consist of a review of the Competencies listed in the Entry to Practice Competency Profile for Counselling Therapists document (adopted from FACT BC). Registrants will identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

The learning plan will consist of the selection of at least one learning goal based on this assessment for the upcoming year and the identification of specific steps that can be taken to meet this goal in the upcoming year. This goal will determine the registrant's focus for their Continuing Competency.

Continuing Competency Hours

All registrants are required to engage in a minimum of sixty (60) hours of professional development over a rolling 3-year period. Registrants who have been registered less than two (2) years are expected to engage in a minimum of twenty (20) hours of professional development per year. Continuing competency hours are tracked in the HMS.

Continuing competency activities may include the following:

  • Supervision (supervisor must have a minimum of 1000 DCC hours, 100 supervision hours post graduation, complete a supervision training program and be a college registrant if they reside in a province that is regulated)
  • Workshops, courses and conferences directly related to the practice of counselling therapy
  • Self-directed study directly related to the practice of counselling therapy (maximum of 8 hrs per year)
  • Personal participation in counselling therapy (received counselling therapy as a client)

For more detailed information, please see the Continuing Competency Policy and Supervisor Criteria Policy (Regulations, Bylaws and Policies).