Fee Schedule

The following fees are as of August 1, 2021:

General Registration Fees (New Applicants)
Application Fee
General Registration Fee * $400.00
Renewal Fees (due annually)
Application Fee $0.00
General Registration Renewal Fee $400.00
Reinstatement Fees (for lapsed registrations)
Reinstatement Application Fee
General Registration Fee * $400.00
Labour Mobility Transfer Fees (for those registered with other Canadian counselling therapy colleges)
Labour Mobility Transfer Application Fee
Labour Mobility Transfer Registration Fee * $400.00
Special Registration Fees (for special purposes or limited periods only)
Special Application Fee
Special Registration Fee $100.00
Other Fees
Jurisprudence Examination Fee $75.00
Late Fee (when renewal fee received after October 31) $100.00
Unauthorized Practice Fee $50.00/day to a maximum of $1,000.00
Letter of Good Standing $25.00

* General Registration Fee is prorated based on the number of months left in the registration year at the time of registration. Registration year starts November 1 and ends October 31.