New Applicants

You are considered a New Applicant if:

  • You are a new graduate (you completed your education program within the past 3 years and do not qualify as a deemed registrant)
  • You are an international applicant
  • You do not meet the requirements for deemed registrant status and are not a registrant in another provincial College of Counselling Therapy

To apply for CCTPEI registration, as a New Applicant you must:

  • Set up an account in the online registration system - HMS
  • Complete all mandatory information in your profile
  • Provide the details of the completed CCTPEI Registration Exam *
  • Pass the Jurisprudence Exam (available through HMS)
  • Upload proof of 2M liability insurance
  • Upload a valid criminal record check document
  • Pay the application fee
  • Pay the registration fee

Fee Schedule

* The CCTPEI Registration Exam is a competency exam offered through a third-party provider. To be eligible to take this exam, you must first provide all the mandatory information to the College and get an ID number. You will need this number to register for the exam.

As a New Applicant, you must also:

  • Have a lifetime total of 450 Direct Client Contact hours, either as a component of education or through supervised practice. You may join as a provisional registrant if you are working to complete these hours; and
  • Meet currency requirements in one of three ways: education requirements, currency hours of counselling therapy within the preceding 3 years, or have completed a refresher program approved by the council (contact us to inquire about refresher programs).

Provisional Registration

New Applicants who meet all other eligibility criteria that are working toward completing their 450 Direct Client Contact (DCC) hours may join the College as provisional registrants. They will need to work under the supervision of a registrant in the general registry, until their DCC hours are complete. Upon completion of their DCC hours, provisional registrants will become general registrants. Provisional registration may not be reinstated.