Currency Hours

Currency hours include a broad range of professional activities directly related to the practice of Counselling Therapy including:

  • Direct client work;
  • Record-keeping and preparation related to direct client work;
  • Continuing competency activities;
  • Conducting research or writing in the field of counselling therapy;
  • Supervising;
  • Teaching (must be a course directly related to counselling therapy);
  • Managing those in the field of counselling therapy;
  • Consulting; and
  • Other professional activities that impact the practice of counselling.

750 Currency Hours for Applicants

Within the three years preceding the application, the applicant must have done one of the following:

  • Completed a master's degree program in counselling therapy or education and training that the council considers substantially equivalent;
  • Completed at least 750 currency hours (from the list above); or
  • Completed a refresher program as approved by Council.